As we’re getting closer to the holidays and the end of this exceptional year, we’d like to thank all of our clients, musicians, voice talents, sound designers and engineers for incredible projects and awesome adventures! This was (yet again) a fun year – thanks to each and every one of you!


We’ll finish the last things around here (for the Romans, Banksters, Skippers – you know who you are ;-)) and then we’re going to dust of our old harmonium to dig into some season’s music.

Happy holidays, all the best for 2018!

(P.S.: The picture features our Lindholm Harmonium at our new Studio ‘Main’. The Lindholm was probably built around 1900, it’s still in good shape and sounds absolutely beautiful!)

For our friends at WINTRADO we’re currently expanding the soundset we created earlier this year with various dynamic sound environments. Adaptive music and SFX geared for different global markets, implemented via middleware to create a highly responsive soundscape. Very excited to release ALL the monsters on this project 😉 Due for release in January!

For Lufthansa’s human resource department we produced a series of audio courses on topics like muscular and mental relaxation, self awareness, positivity and insomnia.

We produced the audio guide for the Museum der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt (Museum of Inland Shipping in Germany) in Duisburg in four languages as well as a children’s tour.

Our friends at Super Lucky Casino asked us once more to provide music and SFX for several slot games in their portfolio. As always: It was a great pleasure!

We provided music and SFX for East Galaxy Gaming’s PROVING GROUNDS. Set in a dystopic future this FPS’s Mad-Max-like arena fighting significantly speeds up your pulse…

For the trading app WINTRADO we developed the UX sound design. Check it out at

For the swiss Jazz formation TRIO NOIR we mixed and mastered their upcoming album. Not our usual line of work but fun nonetheless!