NUANCE requested us to take part in the worldwide voice recognition project to improve their succesful DRAGON software. The main goal was to evaluate and record the idiosyncrasies of Berlin-area German.


5 reel slot and MEXICO
… maybe even some New-Mexico


During the development of Freecom Technologie‘s Internet radio „Musicpal“ we optimized the  enclosure acoustically, advised on the speaker selection and finally developed the sound design: Startup sound, button clicks, GUI acoustic feedback, EQ-presets, etc.

Beautiful black and white RBB/DFFB coproduction directed by Anika Wangard about the „familiarization“ of two families just before their kids wedding. One is from Brandenburg, the other emigrated from Russia.

A non-wedding and a funeral complete the story.

The set photograoher Nik Konietzny asked us to evaluate various so called sound blimps and different custom modifications on the subject of noise emission. We benchmarked the various designs and suggested sustainable improvements.

5 reel slot … lots of ice, snow, polar bears, etc. … Cool.


Infiniti teamed up with Louis Vuitton to develop an extraordinary concept car for the  2009 Geneva Motor Show. An awesome spot was produced for the unveiling of the car. On short notice sound design was needed. And that fast. We were fast: Exactly one night and the sound was finished – including Foley!

On behalf of Crossing Pictures, Berlin.

Slots again … as almost always 5 reels … this time Africa!

Cornelsen Films created this teaser for its real 3 D movie project Killing Bee with enormous effort. Even the music and sound design were composed and produced with the three dimensional space in mind and finally mixed to 5.1.

A thrilling experience at the movie theater!

Here‘s just a little excerpt in 2D …

During the development of Bally Wulff Games & Entertainment‘s new enclosure designs „Game Station“ we optimized the enclosure acoustically and  advised on the speaker selection.