Word Puzzle Game: You score by connecting the letters into words. Every direction is possible.

50‘s style Big Band writing for 12 Gigs,
San Fransisco / CA


VRog is an arcade-style game intended for VR headsets like the Oculus Rift. The player is the frog, hopping around, catching insects and avoiding „death by stork“. The game is controlled exclusively through head movement. The sound is 3D as well: All sounds have been placed in a surround setting and are located according to their position.

For Illusion Walk, Cologne; music, sfx, etc. by us. Available here.

Pacman goes fish … promotional game for a telco service provider in collaboration with Pop Rocket Games, Hamburg.


Quick trailer for a graphic novel, published by the Insel Verlag.

A funny, yet tragic story about a wannabe-superhero by Dennis Schanz and Stick-Up Films. Almost half of this movie features a full orchestra score. An epic hollywood inspired genre typical opus, heavily soaked in stereotypes.
A similarity between the protagonist and the orchestra:
Both are not real…. In case of the orchstra sounds we programmed and mixed with tremendous attention to detail to preserve the illusion as much as possible.

There’s hope beyond Egypt … Unusual slot theme: Steam-punk style.

Trailer for an online-game on behalf of RABCAT (Vienna).
Music? Oh, we got both kinds in here: Country and Western …


“Don‘t brejk maj Turbofolk Hart” is a touching movie about the narrow-mindedness and dangerous ignorance of post-civil war serbian ultra-nationalism, about art, about turbofolk, about a relationship, about courage … and rightfully highly acclaimed on festivals throughout the world.

Directed by Miona Bogovic
Produced by zischlermann filmproduktion

Ennio Morricone … That was the task.
And there wasn‘t much time either.
Turned out nice anyway.
Sounds good, too.

for Craze Media (Cologne), for BOSCH

An infomercial about the german energy transition (aka. exit from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy), a bank and power providers.